Decision of the National Labor Relation Commision (NLRC), Court of Appeals (CA), Supreme Court (SC) are DISTORTED, UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ONE-SIDEDLY FAVOURING TOYOTA.


RECOVERED PHOTO - May 28, 2001


The TOYOTA management claims that the 227 workers was dismissed because those workers  launched  illegal strike on May 23 and 28, 2001 as stated under-oath on Toyota's manifestation submitted before the NLRC. The NLRC ruled in favor to Toyota's claim. The Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court accepted the claims of Toyota.

On the Photo on the left clearly shows that the workers are organized and only falling in the line in front of Toyota gate while they are waiting to claim their pay-slip because the workers are placed under payroll-reinstatement by the assumption of jurisdiction (AJ) order of the Secretary of DOLE Patricia Sto. Tomas.

It clearly shows that there was no strike whatsoever in this photo contrary to the claim of Toyota and the courts.



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