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Reinstate them now!
Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, the target of a global campaign, is refusing to reinstate 136 illegally dismissed workers, despite Supreme Court and International Labour Organisation (ILO) rulings in the workers’ favour.

In March 2001, Toyota Philippines fired 227 union officers and members and suspended 64 others for taking part in a peaceful union assembly. The workers were demonstrating in front of the Department of Labour and Employment to protest the company’s refusal to collectively bargain with the union, the Toyota Motor Philippine Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA). Of the original group illegally fired, 136 still seek reinstatement.

In September 2003, the Supreme Court of the Philippines ordered Toyota management to begin collective bargaining. Two months later the International Labour Organisation (ILO) called on Toyota management to reinstate the workers and bargain in good faith with the TMPCWA. Despite both of these rulings Toyota Philippines has not recognised the union, reinstated the workers or negotiated a collective bargaining agreement.

The International Metalworkers’ Federation and its affiliates have launched an international campaign calling for the immediate reinstatement of the workers. The workers are also demanding that Toyota Philippines recognise their fundamental right to form a union and to bargain collectively.

Click on the graphic to read about the results of the September 12 Action.

On this website you will find the following materials and up-to-date information about the campaign:

  • Fact Sheet: A summary of the situation at Toyota Philippines
  • Timeline: A detailed chronology of the situation
  • Updates: Current status of the campaign
  • Solidarity: Letters to the Philippine government and Toyota management on behalf of the TMPCWA workers

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