The Collective Bargaining Agreement contract between Toyota management and its sweetheart union Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Labor organization has been end and the freedom period was already started since May 2, 2011.


TMPCWA are now starting to push the new certification election (CE) after the many members of TMPCLO have shown their interest to have a new election and after the five years of their union leaderships failure to took care their interests and rights as workers. The no program to develop the political will of workers to practice their rights into a collective actions and the many questions related on the company’s imbalance policies and regulations which was not giving attention by this yellow leaders of TMPCLO gives the larger gap among their membership.


The discontentment of the rank and file workers gives strong intention for the TMPCWA to take the lead and change the yellow unionism established by the conniving Toyota management and its cohorts TMPCLO for five years already.


Now is the time for all the rank and file workers to stand up once again and to fight for their rights to choose a union, which will truly serve the interest of the workers, and to advance the genuine democratic unionism in Toyota.


Long live the rank and file Toyota workers!


Advance the new Certification Election!