On March 16, 2011 TMPCWA together with dismissed workers and families launched protest action in front of Toyota Factory in Santa Rosa Laguna, this is to commemorate the day when Toyota violently massacred the lives and livelihood of Toyota workers and their families.

The workers and members of TMPCWA recalling this day when the Department of Labor and Employment has released its final judgment Certifying the union TMPCWA as the only SOLE and Exclusive Bargaining Agent for all the regular rank and file workers in Toyota. The failure of Toyota in preventing the establishment of genuine union inside the factory have resulted to massive illegal dismissal. Despite of this aggravated situation the workers are determine to advance the struggle until winning the Supreme Court decision on September 24, 2003 and January 28, 2004 with finality. Unfortunately Toyota continue to ignore the Supreme Court decision.

Toyota also filed fabricated criminal charges against some 26, members and leaders of TMPCWA with three counts of grave coercion. According to Toyota it happened during the strike with the strikers threatening look to the scubs and security personnels.

In order to prevent the TMPCWA to continue its union activity inside the factory, Toyota set-up its own company union under the yellow union of TMPCLO and railroaded a bogus collective bargaining agreement by the help of the DOLE.

The illegally dismissed workers continue to stand on the side of the union and keep on fighting for the reinstatement and fair judgment of the court, unfortunately because of the the very rotten system under Gloria Arroyo's Regime, starting from the National Labor Relations Commission and up to the Supreme Court denying and distorting the constitutional rights of workers to freedom of association, freedom of collective bargaining and freedom of expression and has releases a one sided decision favouring multinational corporation Toyota. The same way in what Toyota did by not respecting the favorable decisions for the union, TMPCWA are likewise not recognizes the unconstitutional decision of the Supreme Court and continue to fight for the workers reinstatement.

The International Labour Organization have released several Recommendations favoring TMPCWA, but Toyota keep on ignoring those recommendations. The ILO sent a high-level mission to the Philippines to investigate the situation and has releases new recommendation to find possible solution to the long decade struggle of illegally dismissed workers. The DoLE are taking initiatives to implement the recommendation of the high-level mission of the ILO but Toyota continue to ignoring it.

Until this time Toyota is trying to reaching out illegally dismissed workers individually and secretly trying to offer financial assistance in exchange of the decade long struggle.###