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  Tuesday, July 17, 2007 06:30:19 PM


On June 8, 2007, the illegal and yellow union, TMPCLO held a bogus local election.  


The local election was bogus because the union behind is illegal. The “democratic exercise” was simply illegitimate for, TMPCLO has no business in representing the interest of the workers in Toyota Philippines.


Right from the start, any transactions entered into by TMPCLO should not have been recognized. The following are some basis:


The issue of “legitimacy” surrounding TMPCLO is unresolved, and the case is still in the court.


From the last Certification Election, the TMPCLO was not even able to garner a “Simple Majority Vote, 50% + 1, which is a fundamental consideration in recognizing a union.


The TMPCLO does not have a moral and legal right to represent the rank-n-file workers of Toyota Philippines in a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for there is a standing decision by the Philippine Supreme Court which orders the Toyota Philippines to recognize as a Sole and Exclusive Bargaining Agent (SEBA) the TMPCWA.


The Toyota management stands in its Petition in the Court of Appeals (CA) that no CBA will ever be encouraged until such time that the issue of TMPCWA’s victory over an earlier Certification Election. Toyota it seems, has now abandoned its commitment.


These are just some of the few examples why TMPCWA does not recognize any transactions related to TMPCLO. This is clear to Toyota management and its cohorts in TMPCLO.  


From these premises, Toyota management is just using TMPCLO to avoid the real issues—such as the illegal dismissal of members and officers of TMPCWA.


Hence, the rank-n-file workers should not recognize any transactions concocted by all those working with the management of Toyota!




Perturbed and alarmed was the reactionary TMPCLO-TMPCSU-TOYOTA, even before the holding of the Local Election. The cabal had the difficulty believing that the useless CLO have no followers at all.


And quite unsurprisingly, TMPCLO immediately considered all those who wanted to participate in the Local Election as their enemies that needed to be attacked.   


TMPLCLO was just vicious in its attack on their own members and thrown every possible charges to TMPCWA such as TMPCWA was just planning to “snatch” their union. This was the campaign being used by TMPCLO to rally their remaining members and to muster some sympathy from the rank-n-file voters.


TMPCLO leadership were not just drunk, but gone totally insane from the effects of holding power in so short a time inside Toyota. Who’s really the power grabber?  


Perhaps the rank-n-file simply, were able to discern the absolute uselessness of the leadership of TMPCLO and finally decided that they will be better off joining the Local Election. Maybe they have realized, they can have their own voices and concern finally heard.


Fully aware that they were no longer effective and their defeat at the election was inevitable, the useless leaders of TMPCLO viciously campaigned against TMPCWA and against their own ranks that they suspect of being led by TMPCWA. (Now this is an interesting story. Does the TMPCLO admit that their union actually is composed only of officers and not of rank-n-file?).


This subtle attempt from the remaining TMPCLO members to change their leadership mean only one thing; they knew who has the legitimate right to led the rank-n-file and definitely, these are not the people comfortably sitting at the office of TMPCLO!



Financial report of CLO, Highly Irregular and Questionable.

From general assembly of the bogus union TMPCLO, issues concerning finances of the union were discussed. However, there are some who felt that the report is in disorder to say the least. The accountability of some individuals who used some amount of money was also unclear.


Apparently unprepared with the inquiry, the person reporting was taken-aback and only managed to mutter that if there are some questions regarding money and expenses, a visit to the office of TMPCLO would clarify things.


But why a visit to the office be necessary considering that the question of the member is plain—he wants to know who used, and in what manner, the resources of CLO? Is it not that in every reporting, financial matter should be clear because those resources are coming from the members themselves?


Perhaps the financial reports were intended to be unclear, so as to confuse the already tired members in meetings usually held after work. Even the general assembly is normally held during the time when the company bonus is given. The members of course, so excited to go home for a pittance of a bonus from a year-long toiling would not notice any discrepancy in financial reporting.


Members of CLO should not let this thing to continue. They have all the rights to ask how their membership fees, from their own sweat, are being spend.


TMPCWA in Switzerland and Germany

On May 28 up to June 2, 2007, the President of TMPCWA, Ed Cubelo, again went to Geneva Switzerland, from an earlier invitation. The occasion was meant to discuss among the delegates of the 96th Governing Body Session of the International Labor Organization (ILO), and clarify erroneous information, which claims among other things, that the labor dispute between TMPCWA and Toyota was settled already.


For his part, the president of TMPCWA clarified that the dispute is ongoing, and the problem was only exacerbated by complications brought about by the illegal recognition of TMPCLO with the help of some individuals inside the Department of Labor (DOLE) in connivance with the management of Toyota.  


What the DOLE had done is a direct contempt against the ruling of the Philippine Supreme Court and directives from the ILO.  


Shameless. What the Toyota management had done in connivance with DOLE is just shameless—disregarding the orders from the Supreme Court and against the expressed wishes of the ILO.


The occasion was a long-sought venue to expound further on the issues concerning the labor dispute in Toyota. Ed Cubelo was given the chance of explaining the cause of TMPCWA not only to the leading workers as delegates of ILO, but to the several committees that makes up the governing body of ILO. The union president was also able to brought the issue in a much wider area—to the citizens of Europe—through series of speaking engagements, including interviews from some progressive journalists in Switzerland.


A visit to Germany was an astounding success, where TMPCWA had been invited to attend the meeting of the International Automobile Workers Council, with representatives from the unions of Nissan and Honda under the CAR-AID alliance.


The meeting positively welcomed the struggle of TMPCWA and the knowledge and experiences of its members gained from the struggle of the union. It was a good exchange of experiences from the workers of vehicle manufacturing from 17 countries.  


The meeting did not end as just another meeting, though. A resolution was passed during the council meeting, calling for a whole-hearted support from all delegates to the struggle of the workers of Toyota and Nissan.


The visit was also a chance to speak in many parts of Germany about the anti-workers policies of Toyota. This immoral practice of Toyota apparently, is widespread and will continue to spread should the labor dispute in the Philippines went unsettled, particularly the illegal dismissal of officers and members of TMPCWA.


Ultimately, the only solution to prevent the collapsed of the venerable image of Toyota painstakingly built by its originators is the reinstatement of the illegally dismissed members and officers of TMPCWA. ###



















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some of the photos taken in the International Automobile Workers Council - IAWC, in Stuttgart, Germany.